Wireless Life Safety Systems from Inovonics

Over the last twenty years, the bar has been raised consistently in the area of security requirements and available technology around elderly care and life safety in general. Consistently at the cutting edge of innovation and product development in this sector have been Inovonics. Inovonics are a market leader in development of elite performance wireless networks and life safety applications and we, at KDS Fire & Security, are happy to recommend their products as we have witnessed at first hand the level of satisfaction their systems have delivered to our customers.

Assisted and elderly living facilities provide a good, instructive example of businesses which continue to benefit from implementation of the Inovonics product range. Put simply, emergency response tools act as notification systems whose purpose is to make sure that residents can easily call for assistance at the first sign of a medical emergency when on facility grounds. For example, an elderly resident wears a simple panic button which, when activated, sees a signal transmitted across a wireless network back to a receiver that recognises the alert and ensures that an appropriate response is activated straight away.

Requirements often become more complex in facilities and premises where occupants and staff are continuously on the move across multiple buildings and expansive outdoor spaces. As elderly and assisted living campuses have grown in popularity we have also seen an increase in expected levels of independence and mobility among residents. To facilitate this development and to provide appropriate levels of security, Inovonics have developed intuitive, user friendly life safety and security systems which allow campuses and facilities to customise and get the maximum benefit from their wireless networks. With this in mind, the scalable Echo Stream commercial mesh network often used in conjunction with the Inovonics range has the capability to repeat an alert sent from a personalised panic button over numerous paths to a receiver guaranteeing robust and reliable message delivery.

Similarly, the technology is used to provide appropriate levels of security in healthcare facilities dealing with scenarios in which there is a potential threat to the safety of staff members. Emergency room staff, for example, are consistently dealing with patients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are volatile to the extent that they can lash out physically at staff members who are trying to assist them. Once again using wireless panic button technology, Inovonics provide practical, flexible solutions designed to alert security staff as soon as a medical staff are threatened or in danger.

With clients across markets as varied as banking, senior living, healthcare, government, stadia, retail and education Inovonics are delivering a flexibility in wireless security systems that is being successfully applied to clients as diverse as the Vatican, Government departments and Arsenal football club at the Emirates stadium in London. For further details on this product range contact us at http://kdssecurity.ie/contact-us/ or Call Us today on 01 8338040.


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