G4S Mesh Communication System

The G4S Mesh Communication System is a key example of G4S’ commitment to investing in advanced security solutions aimed at helping Irish businesses protect their company assets.

Unique to G4S Ireland, the Mesh Communication System is a radio-based alarm transmission system that is not dependent on a GSM network, phone line or internet connection. A remote mesh transceiver is used to monitor devices such as intruder alarms, fire alarms or building management systems. The units within the system communicate with each other in an intelligent way; they can automatically sense phone line or antenna cuts and will re-route alarm transmissions if necessary. These critical factors ensure an alarm signal can reliably reach the G4S Alarm Monitoring Centre, where highly-trained staff will respond appropriately.

How it works:

Intelligent system tailor-made for today’s world

The mesh system is a G4S private network licensed by the communications regulator, ComReg. We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our mesh network and we continue to invest in growing and strengthening the network nationwide.

With the mesh system, alarm transmission reliability is guaranteed; the two-way operation of mesh means signals are repeated until it receives a valid acknowledgement from the G4S Alarm Monitoring Centre.This is unlike a GSM-based alarm where signals are only sent one way and don’t require an acknowledgement of receipt.This means the signal is not repeated unless a further alarm is generated.

The mesh system is also self-healing. It adapts to any outages caused by poor weather conditions or tampering and automatically re-routes alarm transmission, ensuring a swift alarm response.

Robust system has never been jammed or emulated

G4S Monitoring’s Mesh Communication System has never been successfully jammed or emulated by criminals.

Jamming devices are easily acquired by criminals who use them to stop or delay intruder signals being dispatched to monitoring stations. An emulator can mimic a customer site leading monitoring centres to believe they are receiving a valid alarm signal, allowing the criminals to burgle the site without anyone’s knowledge an incident is occurring .The purchase and operation of such devices in Ireland is illegal.

Traditional alarms that use GSM and phone lines can easily be jammed or emulated using these devices. In contrast, our Mesh Communication System is radio-based and is not dependent on a GSM network, phone line or internet connection, which means it can offer a reliable and robust security solution.This is a key reason G4S Mesh Communication System is proving a popular alternative to phone-based alarm systems among residential customers who want a reliable, monitored system to protect their home and contents.

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