Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems allow system owners to control who goes where and when on their commercial premises. The essential purpose of an access control system is to provide fast, user friendly access to areas of a premises to authorised personnel while simultaneously restricting access to those without authorisation.

This type of system can be easily configured to automatically lock or unlock doors at specific times. Access control is the only technology that is designed specifically with a view to making it almost impossible for unauthorised individuals to gain access to a building or commercial premises.

Individuals can be identified through the use of:

  1. Cards/fobs on proximity reading devices
  2. Biometric fingerprint readers
  3. Unique PIN codes on electronic keypads

Data gathered by these systems allows system owners to monitor the access to controlled areas and the times of access. In the event of a security breach, systems can also send automated emails to selected staff members containing all available data relevant to the incident. In the event of an emergency, access control systems can be configured to automatically open all managed doors so that personnel have quick and uninhibited access to exit the building.

There are three primary functions of access control systems:

  1. Security – allows access to authorised personnel only
  2. Time and attendance – records and reports on personnel attendance for payroll purposes.
  3. Fire Muster reporting (fire roll call) – provides an accurate view of all personnel on site in event of fire or emergency.

The latest innovations in this specialist area (including integration with audio and video entry systems) have seen the development of cloud based technology with management tools that can be accessed through most web browsers.

Many access control systems also allow for easy configuration and management of cardholder and door groups. More advanced reporting on log events, time/attendance and absenteeism is all now readily available.

Wireless versions of the access control systems are  widely available and have the benefit of reduced installation time. At KDS Fire & Security, we have considerable experience in implementing and supporting these systems.

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