Security Solutions


Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

At KDS Fire & Security we have seen on customer sites, in practice, how reliable and effective wireless fire alarm systems are in operation across a wide variety of building and business types. The advantages that wireless systems have over their wired counterparts lie largely in the versatility, mobility and cost efficiencies that they provide.


Wired Fire Alarm Systems

KDS Fire & Security are committed to ensuring that all of our customers choose Fire alarm systems that are most suitable for their particular needs. We have a depth of industry experience which enables us to help you make the right choice.


Intruder Alarm Systems

Full perimeter protection backed up by internal motion detection is the highest level of security protection we at KDS Fire & Security offer as standard on all our Home Intruder detection systems. This allows you to have your alarm system armed while you are at home, with external windows and doors alarmed, monitoring the frames for vibration and high impact. You can freely walk around in the knowledge your Home perimeter is fully alarmed. Giving you peace of mind.



Every Irish business with an existing CCTV system running over coaxial cables is in a great position to affordably upgrade to a state of the art HD/IP system with minimum installation time and disruption. Innovation in the field of IP Cameras has transformed camera capabilities to deliver a quality of video footage that was unimaginable just a few short years ago.


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems allow system owners to control who goes where and when on their commercial premises. The essential purpose of an access control system is to provide fast, user friendly access to areas of a premises to authorised personnel while simultaneously restricting access to those without authorisation.


Intercom Systems

We supply and install and repair Comelit Intercom Systems, Comelit has been designing and manufacturing original door entry systems and products for over half a century. Today, these systems can be found in more than 70 countries worldwide which proves the high level of quality and reliability that comes with Comelit door entry systems.