Why G4S monitoring services provide a secure and responsive option for Irish business owners.

G4S Monitoring operate at the cutting edge of security technology and are in prime position to deliver secure, affordable business efficiencies and peace of mind to Irish business owners across a vast array of industries. With over 40,000 business customers in Ireland alone, G4S are the ‘go to’ provider here for commercial premises protection. At KDS Fire & Security we have found that the experiences our customers have had after we have implemented G4S systems have been very positive and we would like, here, to give business owners some insights into why this continues to be the case.

Regardless of the size, scale or nature of your business G4S specialise in providing customised security monitoring solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business. Initial assessment of a customer’s needs plays a crucial role in the development of exactly the right custom built solution for that company. As a basic standard in G4S system management, all Intruder, Fire and CCTV activity in a premises can be monitored 247/365 to the alarm monitoring centre.

A huge business efficiency which accrues to Irish business owners working with G4S is that they are never dependent on external network connectivity from third party providers. Being the largest provider of security monitoring services in the world means that G4S have had the resources to develop and implement a private G4S network in Ireland. This, for example, allows the G4S Mesh radio system to effectively manage fire alarms and intruder detection systems independent of external networks. G4S are the only monitoring station in Ireland to have mesh radio – owning the network (unlike competitors who must rent from telecoms providers) and having their own contract with Comreg means that G4S have full responsibility for the network.

For the customer this creates an excuse free environment in which services are never down. All of this infrastructure is backed up by a commitment to customer service delivered by their dedicated commercial customer service team. Customers and partners are regularly surveyed by an independent agency on behalf of G4S. Through this research G4S acts on feedback from their customers with a view to improving service levels on a consistent basis.

Additionally, all G4S products are integrated to work seamlessly with their 24*7*365 monitoring centre which is classified as a tier one data centre and is the leading data centre of its kind in Ireland. For example, if an alarm is activated live images of the incident are sent to the monitoring response centre. An additional layer of security is also provided as staff at the alarm response centre also notify the client immediately – this ensures that the business owner is made aware of the alarm. A Keyholding response unit will be sent out, if necessary, and only the client can cancel the decision to react. Business owners can also have notifications and detailed reports sent by e-mail.

Examples of additional business efficiencies:

  • Secure environment development for lone workers through advanced personal alarm locator services such as G4SPal. This service is ideal both for lone workers or high risk situations where workers require additional levels of security. It is a GPS based solution delivering real time monitoring of your employees.
  • Fleet management through G4S vehicle tracking. This is enabled through a device fitted in the vehicle integrated with G4S software which then provides the business owner with complete real time management of their fleet and its performance. Key data gathered includes that which allow the business owner to identify savings in the areas of fuel consumption and management of required staff hours allocated.
  • Remote control of other on site devices e.g. heating systems results in cost management efficiencies for on-site staff after hours. Being able to remotely grant access to employees and contractors also reduces the need for a paid member of security staff on site at all times.
  • Fewer site visits from technicians resulting in lower ongoing maintenance costs and annual savings as the team at the monitoring centre identify and resolve system issues remotely.

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