G4S 24 Hour Monitoring


G4S Monitoring operate at the cutting edge of security technology and are in prime position to deliver secure, affordable business efficiencies and peace of mind to Irish business owners across a vast array of industries.

With over 40,000 business customers in Ireland alone, G4S are the ‘go to’ provider here for commercial premises protection. At KDS Fire & Security we have found that the experiences our customers have had after we have implemented G4S systems have been very positive and we would like, here, to give business owners some insights into why this continues to be the case.

There are many reasons why we won’t always be in our homes or place of work but we are always at risk of an intruder breaking into them. That’s why it is important we do our best to minimise this risk. The installation of an intruder and panic alarm system goes a long way to deterring an intruder from attempting entry to our premises.

But even premises with alarm systems can be burgled, which is why security professionals are available to continuously monitor your alarm system.

Burglary – a traumatic experience

Having your premises robbed is a traumatic experience and the effects in the immediate aftermath include the feelings of bewilderment, devastation, invasion and ongoing insecurity. While we can never guarantee we won’t be a victim we can take important steps to significantly minimise the risk.

Alarm Systems – a great deterrent

The installation of a well-designed Intruder Alarm and Hold Up system by a licensed contractor will significantly reduce the risk of your premises being burgled but detection intrusion may not be enough. Most alarm systems will activate an external bell or siren.
However, current regulations limit the time these are allowed to sound and they are often ignored – limiting their effectiveness. Monitoring provides a better way.


A monitored alarm, connected to a licensed 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre, is the ideal way to generate an immediate response to an alarm event.
Signalling technologies associated with your alarm system transmits information concerning your alarm system to the monitoring centre where professionally trained staff will investigate the alarm and respond appropriately. Real alarm conditions are passed to the relevant emergency authority including the Gardaí, Fire Brigades and contracted security response services. False or nuisance alarms are filtered in line with local regulations and customer agreed criteria.

Alternatives – but not nearly as good

Less dependable alternatives to a professional monitoring service use SMS messaging as a means of communicating. While suitable for text messaging, SMS is far from ideal for signalling emergency events.Text messages often arrive late and sometimes not at all. And when we know that most damage and losses occur during the first few minutes of a burglary it is easy to understand why a professional monitoring service is the ideal response to your security needs.

Monitoring – an understanding of how it works

● Your alarm control panel detects a change in one or more of your alarm detection  sensors.
● It determines if the sensor is an intruder type, a fire sensor or a panic button.
● It sends that information to the Alarm Receiving Centre
● Your detailed information is displayed on G4S Sentinel Plus Alarm Monitoring Software   System.
● G4S operators begin the process of establishing the nature of the alarm event and the agreed response that may include contacting any of the listed keyholders.
● All agreed protocols are followed to eliminate false or nuisance alarms
● All details relevant to the handling of the alarm are recorded on computers and will include voice logging of all conversations.

Monitoring – signal types

Most monitoring occurs over the standard telephone network, but for added security alarms may be transmitted by VHF radio, the GSM network, FFSK signalling systems or G4S latest Mesh Radio system.

Certification, licensing and the Garda Síochána: The Private Security Authority licenses all alarm receiving centres. To be licensed the company must comply with the requirements of I.S. 228 and Statutory Recommendation SR 41. The Garda Síochaná will only provide response to monitored systems where the system itself meets current Garda requirements.

Full details for licensing by the Private Security Authority and the Garda Policy for Intruder Alarm systems are available from their respective websites – www.psa.gov.ie and www.garda.ie.

Alarm Monitoring from G4S Monitoring (Ire) Limited First established in 1981 G4S Monitoring (Ire) Limited operates a modern state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre and is licensed by the Private Security Authority under Licence Number PSA00544.

G4S services include:

  • Signal Event Management and Escalations
  • Intruder/Fire Monitoring
  • MESH Radio Monitoring
  • Internet Protocol Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Vehicle CCTV Monitoring
  • Fleet Management/Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Escorts
  • State-of-the-art Monitoring Centre manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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