RVS Remote Video Monitoring

CCTV – the best deterrent towards reducing crime

A well-designed CCTV system is one of the great deterrents in reducing crime. It helps protect your home, your business and your staff, and is a tremendous visible deterrent against theft and vandalism. It is the system that constantly features on all the great Crime Watch programmes we see on our domestic television screens and is the proven technology in helping to solve more and more crime.

Remote CCTV Monitoring – a logical extension

ISDN and Broadband technologies have greatly increased the speed of video transmission.These faster speeds allow your CCTV system to be remotely monitored at G4S ARC (Alarm Recieving Center) – providing practically live pictures of what is happening at your business premises.

When connected to an associated intruder alarm system G4S’s highly trained and dedicated staff can monitor the activity at your site and respond appropriately. Within seconds of any alarm being received at the ARC, G4S staff will be assessing the situation. This service can greatly improve the verification process required by An Garda Síochána and will assist in obtaining an improved response to all verified intrusion events.

Remote CCTV Monitoring – an analytical future Video analytics provides advanced motion detection. When a camera detects motion within a specific area of the video, it will automatically trigger an alarm to the ARC. It offers higher reliability than standard motion detection and the associated software is based on sensitive algorithms that will determine the type of motion detected.This increases real detection opportunities and reduces false alarms from environmental sources such as swaying bushes and trees.

Cost Effectiveness – no comparison

Labour costs continue to rise and the provision of a security guard costs a considerable amount of money when protecting your unoccupied premises. Most premises are vacant for about 100 hours a week and total annual costs will be over €100,000 for a security guard. Remote CCTV monitoring will be significantly less and typically may be of the order of 5%* of this cost.

This clearly is a cost effective security monitoring solution that is provided on a permanent basis throughout the year. It controls all access to and from your site and can be extended to allow our staff decide who enters or is refused entry to your site.

An important option for a secure future

Protecting your business interests is extremely important in today’s world of increasing security risks. G4S Monitoring (Ire) Limited are a leading provider of security monitoring solutions working towards creating a safer environment for you and your staff. Working together, our range of monitoring services coupled with the best people in the business will help to keep you and your business protected in an uncertain world.

* Actual costs will depend on the number of cameras monitored and any planned remote surveillance calls.

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