Wireless Fire Alarm Systems


At KDS Fire & Security we have seen on customer sites, in practice, how reliable and effective wireless fire alarm systems are in operation across a wide variety of building and business types. The advantages that wireless systems have over their wired counterparts lie largely in the versatility, mobility and cost efficiencies that they provide.

Fire alarm systems have evolved greatly over the last few years and the result of this continued innovation is that we now have a range of wireless technologically advanced systems to choose from whereas previously we were limited in choice between basic conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.

The benefits of wireless fire alarm systems

Wireless fire alarm systems bring many benefits to both business owners and home owners alike. Here are some of the main reasons that we encourage our customers to implement these innovative, consistently developing systems:

1. Ease of installation

The speed and efficiency with which a wireless fire alarm system can be installed (in comparison to a hard wired system) makes it a very attractive option for customers. Installation costs and practical disruption to your home or business premises are minimised when you choose to implement a wireless system.

2. Priority monitoring

Through our partnership with G4S Monitoring, should your wireless fire alarm activate, an immediate and highly prioritised response is triggered. Fire alarms are categorised as a life safety device – therefore ensuring the highest response to your wireless fire alarm system at the G4S monitoring centre.

3. Strict compliance with industry standards

Installation, servicing and management of wireless fire alarms must be compliant with the statutory Irish Standard IS:3218-2013. Having these standards in place gives our customers  confidence in our services.

4. Ongoing cost efficiency

As with any wireless system, we do not have to concern ourselves with maintenance and replacement of expensive cabling. This is another way in which the wireless system saves money for the customer on an ongoing basis.

5. Mobile, flexible and scalable

In the event of moving to a new home or business premises you can simply take your wireless fire alarm system with you to your new destination. This is a simple, low maintenance procedure which ensures that you do not have to invest in a brand new system again just because your location has changed. Crucially, wireless fire alarm systems are naturally scalable. This ensures that if your premises expands, increasing the scale of your fire alarm system to cope with your new requirements is a straightforward, low maintenance task.

When you order a wireless fire alarm system from KDS Fire & Security we will carry out a thorough site survey to confirm that we have access to wireless signal connectivity. All of our Fire alarm systems are designed, installed and commissioned to IS:3218-2013 standard. These systems provide a customer friendly, cost effective and low maintenance solution designed to provide outstanding value and security in the medium to long term.

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