Why KDS Fire & Security recommends CSL Dualcom to Irish business owners.

At KDS Fire & Security we invest a lot of time researching providers and products that we can potentially partner with to deliver quality services and benefits to our customers. In the area of alarm signalling and monitoring we have identified CSL as a high end partner that will allow us to ensure that our customers benefit from a service that adheres strictly to the highest international standards in place for alarm receiving. In this short blog piece we will identify, for business owners, some of the main attributes and features that allow us to recommend CSL to our customers.

  1. Identifying GSM blocking

GSM blocking is a serious problem for all signalling providers as all radio signals can be blocked. However, CSL’s DualCom products combat this problem with their Blocking detection and the Gemini Platform’s managed service. Once GSM blocking is identified the monitoring service is activated and the system controllers contact the customer straight away. Polling ensures that the communication path between your DualCom device and your monitoring service is always clear and functioning as intended.

  1. Protected by the Gemini Platform

Connectivity to your DualCom device is protected by the powerful Gemini platform. This is a network which handles over 1 billion calls per month and is widely acknowledged as the market leader, providing unprecedented innovation, support and reliability to customers all over Europe. CSL is the only signalling provider to have its own state of the art Network Operations Centre. This means that they are completely self sufficient and do not need to rely on any third party providers to deliver a market leading, high end service.

  1. Insurance Company Compliance

A good indicator of how confident technology providers in the security industry are in the strength and quality of their products, is the extent to which they are willing to work closely with the Insurance industry. Because CSL are compliant with all applicable EN standards they work closely with insurers and had company representatives present at the Insurance industry forum held in the UK just a couple of weeks ago. Business owners should be aware that insurers in Ireland have started to reduce premiums for businesses whose alarm monitoring and signalling processes meet the highest specifications.

  1. Compliance with EN standards

Something that sets CSL apart from its competitors in the Irish market is their strict adherence to, and compliance with, EN (European) standards. EN standards are critically important in security based technology as they drive compatibility and establish a pathway for consistently improving product development. Because CSL are fully compliant with EN standards, it is now the case that other prominent providers in Ireland are adopting CSL products as part of their solution offering in order to achieve compliance.

  1. Durability, Service and Value

The feedback from our customers who are using CSL products is that they are happy knowing that they have the full array of CSL’s innovation and reliability supporting them and their businesses. Choosing the EN Standard compliant, self sufficient market leader gives customers an assurance and peace of mind that is hugely valuable to them.

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