High Definition/IP CCTV

Every Irish business with an existing CCTV system running over coaxial cables is in a great position to affordably upgrade to a state of the art HD/IP system with minimum installation time and disruption. Innovation in the field of IP Cameras has transformed camera capabilities to deliver a quality of video footage that was unimaginable just a few short years ago.

A really striking comparison that we can all relate to in terms of devices we use every day is identifiable in our mobile phones and the kind of technology and functionality which now comes as standard in them. Compare, for a minute, the quality of picture taken by the camera on your current mobile phone (android or iphone) to the quality of picture your old mobile phone from five years ago would have delivered. As we all know, the quality of high definition image produced by today’s camera phones is very different to the grainy images that we would have been used to seeing on our mobile phones in the very recent past.

Similarly, the quality of CCTV image delivered by a HD/IP system running over existing coaxial cables is massively superior to the images that would have been delivered by an analogue system running through those same coaxial cables. A very attractive benefit of the simple retrofit process which allows us achieve HD quality over existing coaxial cables is that we are still using the same cabling that your low resolution analogue cameras are currently connected to – the obvious difference being that the upgraded system will now deliver all of the benefits that we automatically associate with high resolution IP cameras i.e. images that are far superior to those that the legacy analogue system was capable of producing.

For a business that is setting up CCTV for the first time (one that has no current system in place) then HD/IP would be our recommendation. For businesses where there are existing analogue systems in place then we would, without hesitation, recommend upgrading to a HD/IP system by going through the retrofit process as described above.

One system that we, at KDS Fire & Security, like to implement for the type of retrofit we have described here is the Hikvision Turbo HD solution. Customers of ours have found it to be a flexible, high quality system which works extremely well over existing coaxial cables. The following short video gives a further explanation of the associated benefits of the retrofit and the simplicity and efficiency of the process itself:


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