Why wireless fire alarm systems should be used by Irish business owners

As wireless technology has consistently developed and pushed boundaries across an array of industries over the past few years it should come as no surprise that huge advances are being made through wireless technology in the area of fire safety. For Irish Business owners there are significant benefits to be enjoyed from installing and maintaining a wireless fire alarm system.

1) One of the obvious benefits is that these systems are, well, wireless! This does away with expensive and often disruptive installation of cables.

2) The ease, simplicity and speed with which a wireless fire alarm system can be installed effectively gives it a massive advantage over it’s hard wired counterpart. In many cases this can see the respective installations take hours or days (wireless) as opposed to a number of weeks (hard wired). The savings accruing to businesses choosing the wireless system option are always significant in terms of both time and money.

3) Any business leasing their premises would be well advised to consider installing a wireless system so that they can pack it up and take with them in the event that they move to a new premises. This can be done quickly, cost effectively and with a minimum of fuss and disruption.

KDS Fire & Security ensures that every site on which we intend to install a wireless fire alarm  system is subject to a site survey to establish flawless radio signal clarity. Occasionally (largely in older buildings with Granite walls) we will come across some small challenges but we always, without exception, find a quick and permanent solution thanks to the quality of the wireless technology that we are implementing.

For example, on a recent project we were tasked with installing and testing a wireless fire alarm system in a relatively old three story residential building which had a number of flats on each floor. By installing a single receiver on both the top floor and the ground floor we were able to capture all of the connectivity in the building. The receiver on the ground floor caught everything on the basement and ground levels, while the receiver on the top floor caught everything on floors two and three. Also important to note in this instance is the fact that we installed the system explicitly to the Irish Standard IS:3218-2013 which requires that fire alarm systems should give a warning of 75 decibels at the bed head to accommodate sleeping residents in the building.

Irish business owners should also be reassured by the fact that while all components in the fire alarm systems we provide have to be built to comply with product standard EN54 (the prevailing European standard) we also adhere strictly to what is now a statutory obligation in installing, servicing and commissioning all of our wireless fire alarm systems to the Irish Standard IS:3218-2013. These standards are in place to give all of our commercial customers confidence and peace of mind and, for these reasons, compliance with them is extremely important to us. Our advice to our customers and potential customers is that wireless fire alarm systems are a great fit in most commercial situations.

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