Smart Intercom Systems for Irish Business Owners and Domestic Customers

Wireless intercom systems are consistently evolving and improving to the point where Irish business owners are now spoilt for choice with the range of commercially savvy functionality available to them. At KDS Fire & Security we are happy to recommend Comelit intercom systems having installed and configured them for a wide range of commercial clients. Over the course of this blog post we will use recent examples to illustrate how we have installed various Comelt intercom systems for the benefit of commercial and domestic customers.

Comelit GSM Intercom technology is typically chosen for implementation where it is just not practical to run cabling from the location of the intercom at the front of the premises all the way back to the premises itself. A recent example with a commercial customer of ours provides a great example outlining how business owners benefit from using these systems for access control. The business owner in this instance has a main premises (where his office is based) and also an unmanned warehouse which is only used for taking in deliveries. They are not close enough to run a cable based solution so we have installed a GSM intercom instead.

Very simply, when a delivery driver arrives at the warehouse he presses the call button on the GSM intercom keypad – this, in turn, triggers a call to the business owners mobile and he then decides whether or not to grant access. The business owner is in full control at all times without having to be present at his warehouse to let deliveries through. Additionally, a significant advantage of GSM controlled intercoms is that they remove the expense, difficulty and inconvenience that inevitably comes with a system installation requiring cables to be run from the point of entry to the property itself.

A good example, in a domestic environment, of how Comelit Video Intercom systems are used to positive effect is in a scenario in which an elderly person is living alone and needs to be able to establish the identity of callers to their front door before deciding whether or not to engage with them at all. This allows the home owner, using a touchscreen monitor, to be in the comfort and security of their living room and to immediately identify the caller at the door. The visitor then will only be made aware that the house is occupied if the home owner chooses to  speak with the visitor through the intercom system. For added security the external entrance panel also comes with an integrated LED light which ensures that visitors are easily identified at night time.

When existing, older intercom systems are no longer fit for purpose we have found that contemporary Comelit systems often provide a much improved replacement to meet the needs of the customer. Recently, we were called to a house with an existing intercom system which was reliant on a large amount of cabling and which was no longer functioning due to cabling failure. Our solution was to install a two wire Comelit Simplebus system which easily resolved the customer’s problem as it is a system which provides coverage over distances of up to 600 metres.

To find out more about this system please take a couple of minutes to watch the following video:

At KDS Fire & Security we are happy to help with all queries relating to Intercom systems of any commercial size or scale. The flexibility provided in the Comelit range of Intercom Systems ensures that we are well equipped to provide a product and service which is customised to meet the requirements of the business owner within their allocated budget.
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