Making the case for upgrading from Analogue to HD CCTV Systems

When choosing to upgrade our security systems many Irish businesses will have varying motivations and expectations. What all of us as business owners will have in common, however, is a desire to consistently have access to a higher quality and resolution of video content. Given that we are all exposed, on a daily basis, to the HD quality images we see on our phones, tablets and laptops it is difficult for us to then suddenly take a backward step to inferior quality imagery (provided by an analogue service) when it comes to our CCTV systems where forensic analysis is of the utmost importance.

Uppermost in the thoughts of business owners when it comes to this issue will be the practical issues of affordability, quality, longevity and value for money. In this blog post, we’d like to quickly examine each of these areas assisted by footage from the Smartwatch HD CCTV system. This footage gives us a practical insight into a current example of a HD system that we feel ticks all the right boxes for Irish business owners. Ultimately, it is our view that there is a very strong business case to be made for upgrading from analogue to HD CCTV.

1. Affordability – over the life span of the system the costs associated with installing, maintaining and supporting the Smartwatch HD CCTV systems in the Irish market are broadly similar to those associated with many analogue systems. Any modest additional investment required is more than compensated for by the massively improved quality of images provided by the HD solution.

2. Longevity – if, like many businesses running an analogue system, you have existing co-axial cable in place then this infrastructure can be utilised to quickly and efficiently upgrade to a HD CCTV system. HD cameras such as those provided by Smartwatch are as robust and hard wearing as anything on the market today.

3. Quality – On most analog systems ‘live’ camera footage is of very good quality. However, with video footage that needs to be played back and reviewed the quality of image deteriorates significantly. This is where analogue systems fall down and where HD systems really come into their own. Have a good look at the two video examples below which have been provided to us by Smartwatch:

The difference in quality displayed here is striking and clearly showcases the superiority of the HD system on footage that has to be played back and reviewed.

4. Value for money – by investing in a HD CCTV system we are providing ourselves with the means to properly secure and monitor areas of our premises which contain our high value assets and which also provide work space for our employees. Increased quality of monitoring results in increased efficiencies in the business through :

a) loss and claim prevention
b) increased protection of employees and company assets
c) improved analysis of in store customer behaviour
d) improved analysis of employee work patterns

We at KDS Fire & Security have over 20 years of experience in the commercial security industry in Ireland. We have a wealth and depth of experience which allows us to design security solutions that are custom made to meet your exact needs and requirements.

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