KDS Fire & Security embraces wireless with EMS FireCell

In the past five years, since the introduction of the EN54-25 standard, wireless fire detection systems have become a viable alternative to wired systems. In acknowledgement of this, Dublin security firm KDS Fire & Security has become a trusted installer of the EMS FireCell wireless fire detection system.

KDS Fire & Security, a forward-thinking security system installation firm, has become an installer of the EMS FireCell wireless fire detection system. FireCell offers tangible benefits to homes and commercial premises, and was the first wireless system to meet European fire alarm standards.

“In the past number of years we’ve arrived at a point where wireless fire detection systems are as reliable as wired systems. Wireless systems like EMS Firecell that meet the European standard use a dual channel communication system where both channels are used to transmit and receive messages. Previously, one channel was used for transmitting and receiving, which led to confusion and distortion,” explained Kerry Duddy, founder of KDS Fire & Security.

“We were looking for a fire detection system that we could confidently stand behind. EMS FireCell was the first wireless fire system to meet the EN54-25 standard, and all individual parts of the system conform to the relevant elements of this standard. This gives us an added assurance when selling this system, and it gives our customers the peace of mind that the FireCell system functions to the highest possible standards,” said Kerry.

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No wires, seamless extension

With the wireless system, wires and cables are no longer necessary. The detection units communicate with the main control panel via radio (868MHz frequency). New units can be added in less than five minutes; they are simply placed in their required location and registered on the central panel. This speedy integration makes FireCell a good choice for businesses who are extending their premises and need fire detection systems installed.

This is the case with one of KDS Fire & Security’s customers, a Dublin bakery that required a new fire alarm system. “We were able to go in and install the FireCell system in record time. There was no drilling, and importantly, no disruption to our customer’s business. And, as his business grows, he can easily add new units to the system, or pack the whole system up with him if he moves to larger premises in the future,” explains Kerry.

No drilling, minimum disruption

The FireCell wireless system is proving to be a popular choice for heritage or protected buildings where drilling, cabling and other modifications are not permitted. In Dublin, KDS has installed FireCell in several Georgian houses, which are currently being used for flats. “What we were able to do was implement a hybrid system, making use of existing fire proof cable and adding wireless to areas as required. We were able to install the system with limited disruption to tenants, while maintaining the integrity of these old Georgian buildings,” said Kerry.

According to EMS, the FireCell wireless fire detection system is also being widely implemented by the education sector. “Wireless fire detection systems like FireCell are a quick and seamless way to protect your building. For schools, for example, a complete wireless fire detection system can be installed during a half-term break. This saves dramatically on labour costs; the contractor can be in and out quickly with minimum disturbance,” explained Peter Crussell, Sales Director with EMS.

Hotels too are seeing the benefits of quick-install wireless fire detection systems. Hotel rooms can be equipped with the FireCell wireless system at the same time as the cleaner goes in to clean a room. There is no need for a hotel to close down specific rooms or wings and risk lost revenue, the FireCell system can be installed during the course of a normal day.

For Kerry, the possibilities for businesses who choose the FireCell wireless system are many. “This reliable, hassle-free system is perfect for businesses in sectors such as the leisure, hospitality, education and governmentsectors, and it’s an ideal solution for property management companies or SMEs who are based in shared premises.”

“What I like about the EMS Firecell system is that it’s extremely stable and is so easy to set up. Depending on the premises size the system can be installed and commissioned in less than a day, compared to 1-2 weeks with a wired system. In addition, its parts are readily available and you’re not locked into buying proprietary batteries, which is often the case with other systems. In fact, Firecell is the only wireless fire detection system I’d use,” said Kerry.

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