How developments in HD/IP CCTV are bringing benefits to Irish business owners.

As is the case with most technology based industries over the last couple of years, the CCTV industry has seen recent innovation and development which has both revolutionised and radically improved the product options and value available to both domestic and commercial customers. Additionally, it is now possible and cost effective for owners of existing CCTV systems to easily upgrade to state of the art high definition surveillance systems.

First responders (monitoring companies) and security firms are benefiting from ongoing innovation in the industry and are passing these benefits on to their customers. Products with enhanced performance and robustness are continuously appearing on the market to the extent that CCTV engineers and installers are almost spoilt for choice. What we would like to do here is focus on HD/IP CCTV and take a practical look at the ways in which CCTV companies and business owners alike can benefit from all of these recent technological advancements.

1. Owners of existing systems that use standard coaxial cable can now upgrade to a contemporary system with minimal disruption on an affordable budget. For example, Hikvision’s range of Turbo recorders can now accept 3 Mega – Pixel cameras over conventional coaxial cable. This is great news when it comes to retrofits that are difficult to rewire. Business owners are now presented with a cheaper upgrade process than would have previously been the case.The Turbo range which has been specifically developed for analogue CCTV systems that need to upgrade to a high definition surveillance model. This range of Turbo HD solutions makes HD video quality possible without the need to upgrade to IP cameras or even replace existing coaxial cabling.

2. Wide Dynamic Range – WDR is now readily available across the majority of Turbo/IP cameras. WDR is essential when part of an image is extremely dark but another part is so bright that it can’t be viewed properly, that is dynamic range i.e. the difference in lighting. CCTV Cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) have software integrated that allows them to balance the lighting to ensure clarity when viewing the image in question. This makes cameras with WDR ideal for recording areas like shop entrances where the contrast between the sunshine outside and the dim lighting inside can be extremely difficult to record properly.

3. IP cameras now generally have a minimum of two lines of analytics meaning that the cameras have intelligent features such as:

– Face detection

– Vehicle detection

– Intrusion detection

These features give commercial premises owners a huge boost in terms of clear identification of security breaches

4. Megapixel resolution of images now delivers clarity of image which was previously beyond the reach of many business owners. Also, IP Technology now provides us with a variety of easily manageable data storage options including redundant storage and remote storage giving business owners further reassurance and peace of mind regarding data protection.

5. A CCTV security system is only effective if it allows you to easily and quickly identify security breaches so that you can take appropriate action. Integrating video analytics into your IP camera system brings a wealth of intelligence and efficiency to your premises security. This software works 24/7 for you and alerts monitoring centers automatically to any incidents that require attention. This software can be deployed to monitor all of the following allowing you to further secure your commercial premises:

– Motion detection

– Facial recognition & license plate reading

– People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores

– Recognising long lines at checkout and sending alerts

6. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR / LPR) uses optical character recognition technology to automatically read vehicle registration plates. This technology is hugely effective for businesses where high quality traffic surveillance of premises entrances and car park monitoring are essential requirements. ANPR cameras have the ability to detect and recognise a vehicles licence plate through the cameras on-board ANPR analytics.

Ultimately what we, at KDS Fire & Security do is to provide a solution that gives the best performance and value for money system available to our customers within their allocated budget. We partner with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry and are kept up to speed with current and projected developments in the technology – we share this knowledge with our customers. If you have any queries regarding HD/IP CCTV please Contact Us or Call us on 01 8338040.





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