Access Control Systems for Irish Business Owners

For Irish business owners today it is more important than ever to have 24/7/365 management control of who has access to their premises and when they have access to it. By installing an access control system the business owner effectively eliminates problems arising from key usage (lost, copied, stolen keys…etc) while simultaneously ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to the building at designated times. Having worked extensively with the ACT range of access control systems we would like to take this opportunity to outline to business owners some of the ways in which they can benefit from choosing to implement this cutting edge technology:

Benefits of Access Control Systems:

1. Businesses save money in the medium to long term as they never incur the expense of changing locks again.

2. Convenience and ease of management. Access can be easily enabled or disabled quickly through user friendly admin software.

3. Instant security through automatic locking when a door closes.

4. Ability to assign different levels of premises access rights using permission based system in admin software.

5. Ability to limit access times – again, the system administrator can control the times at which all employees have access to the premises or areas within.

6. Reporting – where staff have been and which times they were there.

7. Muster reporting – this is an emergency list of people who were on the premises at the time of fire or emergency. Fire muster reports are now a legal requirement for commercial premises owners under the occupiers liability act.

8. Time and attendance monitoring – access control systems are used effectively for producing reports on employees timing and attendance.

9. Professionalism – ACT access control systems will print customised id badges for your staff.

ACT is a fully Irish owned company based in Tallaght, Co. Dublin. They have 40 employees and successfully export their products to over 40 countries worldwide.The product range that we would like to look a little more closely at is the ACTPro solution range.

Option 1 is ACT’s Wired access control solution offering. In this product there is a selection of:

1. ACT Pro 1520 – Single door IP controller expandable to 32 doors via a network of ACTPro door expanders. 15,000 Users. Integrated web server.

2. ACT Pro 4000 – 2 door IP controller expandable to 16 doors via a network of ACT Pro door expanders. Can be networked with other ACT Pro 4000s to create a network of up to 4000 doors. 60,000 users.

3. ACT Pro 4200 – 4 door IP controller expandable to 16 doors via a network of ACT Pro door expanders. Can be networked with other ACT Pro 4200s to create a network of up to 4000 doors. 60,000 users.

These controllers are wired to readers, push buttons, break glass units and electronic locks.

Option 2 is ACT’s wireless access control solution offering:

  • 125Hz promixity reader
  • 868 MHz wireless communication with 128 bit AES encryption
  • Long battery life of 3 years (210,000 activations)
  • Safe egress always allowed from the secure side of the door
  • Hardned Brushed stainless steel
  • Tamper monitoring

With this solution one of the main benefits is that the installation cost is reduced by over 50%. It typically takes 40 minutes to install an act-pro e-lock as opposed to 4 hours for a wired access control door. The installation of this product is completed efficiently without any need for cabling, push buttons or break glass units.

These controllers have been tried and tested nationwide in some of the largest and most prestigious buildings in the country. For example: Dail Eireann, St James Hospital and most recently the new state-of-the-art DIT campus in Grangegorman in Dublin’s north inner city,

Having ACT equipment installed in your premises will give you peace of mind, all ACT Pro equipment comes with a 5 year guarantee and have been known to last upto 15 years.

These wired and wireless systems work seamlessly together speaking to ACT Enterprise software which has been designed primarily with the users in mind.

ACT install module is for installers and allows easy setup of the access control system.

ACT manage enables an administrator to add doors, manage users and run reports quickly and intuitively.

ACT monitor can be used by security staff to manage a log of events (for example, a door forced, access granted, access denied, alarm notifications) in real time.

At KDS Fire & Security we believe that business owners who invest in Access Control Systems such as those discussed here can reap significant benefits in terms of improved security, premises management, staff monitoring and reduction of cost base.

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