Why Irish businesses should make the move to IP camera based security systems

As a business owner, it is normal to have reservations and concerns when examining the idea of upgrading from a tried and trusted system which has served you well over many years to a newer technology which comes highly recommended but is unfamiliar to you. In our experience, this can often be the case when we come to discuss the choice between IP based security products and the traditional analogue CCTV system. Understandably, business owners are frequently worried that the cost of upgrading may be prohibitive or that the new system will present complex challenges in terms of maintenance and management. In this piece, we’d like to address these and other concerns with a view to demonstrating that IP based security represents the future for Irish business owners and that it is also affordable and easy to set up and maintain.

1. Cost

While IP cameras were very expensive on entry to the Irish market (4-5 years ago) this is demonstrably no longer the case. A good quality entry level 4 megapixel IP camera can be purchased on a modest budget and with increasingly competitive pricing also comes massively improved high definition performance – more about that shortly.

2. Ease of installation/setup

In the early days of IP camera technology you could definitely have made an argument that a certain amount of expertise was required in order to correctly configure and set up the system. Today, however, it is very much the case that manufacturers are providing IP camera products designed for simple plug and play installation with a minimum of complication and effort.

3. Scalability

An IP camera network works on the same basic principles as an IP based computer network. Instead of a scenario in which we have a significant cabling requirement we now simply install an IP camera and connect it up to a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch and connect each camera up to it. This allows us to grow our IP based network easily and efficiently as our requirements increase over time.

4. Smart functionality

IP cameras have computer like intelligence as whereas CCTV cameras are essentially one dimensional devices. For example, IP cameras can be managed remotely and can be set up to perform a range of tasks and then send alerts to the device owner depending on the events that have occurred.

5. Ease of Management

A typical IP camera can be managed and configured remotely from anywhere in the world that has internet access. This is a hugely attractive feature for business owners as it provides a flexible level of accessible functionality around their security system that is simply not possible using an analogue CCTV system. You can now control and monitor your business through your phone from wherever you are in the world.

6. Improved performance and output

Whereas analogue cameras are extremely sensitive to interference and struggle to survey significant distances and wide areas, IP cameras can function wirelessly over long distances and can provide resolution of up to 40 times the maximum analogue resolution of 0.4 megapixels. The difference in image quality is so vast that most business owners (being accustomed to good quality imagery on standard business devices such as mobile phones/tablets/laptops…etc) are now instantly recognising the need to move to the consistently developing world of the IP camera.

7. Value for money

While it is still possible to buy an inexpensive analogue camera solution it is our strong belief that to do so would bring about a false economy of major proportions. Analogue technology has had its day and is becoming increasingly obsolete in the face of clever, efficient IP camera technology which is now very affordable for most business owners in Ireland.

I hope that we have presented a compelling case outlining why we believe business owners should move to an IP camera based security system. At KDS Fire & Security we believe that the business efficiencies to be gained in doing this are substantial and more than justify the modest initial investment required to secure and implement this smart, flexible technology.

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